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The Photos
1982 Five YEar Photo 1982

In 1982 we took this rather odd photo. At the time we had no idea that 35 years later we would be taking it every five years. This photo was taken with John Dickson's Pentax camera with a wide angle lens. Pretty sure it was July 4.
Technical Errors: None! The shot was perfect.
# of photos taken = 1

Five Year Photo 1987

When we realized the five guys were going to be together again at Copco we decided to take the same photo a second time. This photo was taken on John Wardlaw's Canon AE1 Program. We think it was June 19. Technical Errors: Wedges shoulder was not behind Marks (corrected in photoshop years later) and Dallas did not cross his legs.
# of photos taken = 2

Five Year Photo 1992

In 1992 the weather was cloudy and cold so the 3 Johns wore shirts for the first time. Because of the shirts and cloudy weather we shot an alternate version where we are all wearing sunglasses. Taken between June-6 and June-14 with John Wardlaw's Canon AE1 Program.
# of photos taken = 3

Five Year Photo 1997

Laziness led us to stray a bit from the original photo. We also shot an alternate version with our shirts off and decided no one wanted to see that. John Dickson recalls it was the lack of tans that made us use the shirted photo. Taken between September 1 and September 5 on John Wardlaw's Nikon FM2.
Technical errors: John Dickson and Dallas Burney are smiling.
# of photos taken = 6

Five Year Photo 2002

This was the year we got back to truly duplicating the original though we made a joke with the huge jar. Taken on a cold June 8 with John Wardlaw's Canon AE1 Program.
Technical Errors: Dallas is smiling again, jar in wrong place & John Molony forgot his sunglasses (fixed in photoshop). We had a cheap digital camera on hand for reference photos.
# of photos taken = 3

Five Year Photo 2007

On this occasion we returned to a duplicate of the original jar and standardized a hat for all future photos (though we do still have the hat from 1992-1997. Taken on Sept. 8. This is the first photo using a digital camera, John Wardlaw's Nikon D70. It has often been said that the photos are in the wrong order 
because we look younger here than in 2002.  The order is correct. Technical Errors: Dallas crosses his legs backwards.
# of photos taken = 3

five year photo 2012

For this photo we found the original image of Robert Young to place in the jar with a plastic roach and a butterscotch. Sadly you can't make out his face. Taken on June 26 on John Wardlaw's Nikon D800. Chris Squire, of the band Yes, saw John Wardlaw wearing a Yes Drama shirt from the 1980 tour and sent him an email saying it was very cool!
Technical Errors:
Dallas-legs crossed backward, again.
# of photos taken = 4

2017 five year photo

For this photo we replaced the photo of Robert Young with Matt Lauer because we met him on the Today Show in 2012. Taken on June 24, on John Wardlaw's Nikon D800 using video assist with an HD cable attached to a TV. This is the first time John, John and John have gone shirtless for the photo since 1987 (not counting the unused shirtless photo of 1997). John Molony suggested we eat right and get back in shape (and get some tans). Technical Errors: John Dicksons' head is higher than John Molonys' and closer to the camera. John Wardlaw seems very far away.
# of photos taken = 17

What we might be like in 3017
3017 five year photo futurama style
Artwork by Cyndi Foster

All photos ©1982-2019 John Wardlaw

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